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DIY with Jenn: Cat Ear Headband

Hey guys! This week I’m coming to you with some Halloween costume inspiration! This is a DIY project that’s super easy & requires almost no materials at all, but is a definite Halloween staple for last minute or homemade costumes. I’m going to teach you how to make a simple cat ear headband, but you can make them into any animal of your choosing just by changing the shape you cut.


To start with, just grab a headband (I got a pack from Target), some felt, a marker, scissors and a piece of paper to make a template on.


Make the template whatever size you want, but you need to make sure that your ear is doubled, with the width of the headband in the middle. If you look at mine, you can see the black lines, which is separating the two identical ear pieces with a little bit in the middle that will go underneath the headband.


Trace two, flipping them so that they point out in opposite directions. You want your ears to point out, so you need the points opposite.
Cut those out. If you want to put a middle of a secondary color on your ears, you’ll want to do them here, before you attach anything. I’m not on mine, but just trace a second template that’s a bit smaller than just the front part of your ear. Go ahead and sew or glue that on.


Mark on your headband where you want the ears positioned. I did this in front of a mirror with my original paper template, then marked it once it was perfect. This way the ears sit exactly how and where you want them!


To attach: fold your ear piece in half and put a line of glue directly in the middle where you left that allowance that’s the width of the headband. Just a quick line of glue will hold it.


Press the line of glue onto the headband, lining up with where you marked. Make sure that you press the glue following the curve of the headband so that they sit well.


Then, you’re going to put a line of glue around the back half of the felt ear piece. Fold it up and press the ear together. Now you have one little ear on your headband. You’re going to want to do the same thing on the other side with the other ear!


And, there you go! Adorable ears completely ready for your Halloween party or casual cat-ear wearing adventure!

I added one more step to mine which was to whipstitch around the ear. This step isn’t really necessary because the hot glue is more than enough to keep everything together, but it’s a nice decorative step that I decided to do.
And that’s about it! Pop them on and be on your way!
If you do these, I definitely want to see them, so be sure to send me a picture so I can see! You can do that on twitter or instagram- I’m @techni_moments.
Stay crafty!

PS: here’s the video version of this tutorial :)

I can be found all over the place:
Twitter: @techni_moments
Instagram: @techni_moments

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