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  With the sheer amount of STUFF happening at VidCon (“STUFF” in all caps), it can be easy to overlook events like meetups and panels when they are occupying the same time frame. So here is a handy schedule to help you keep up with all of the various Wonderlings’ events at VidCon. Day 1,… Read more »


Breaking News: it’s hard growing up.  Especially in your twenties. Here’s the problem: I am caught in an endless cycle of being the coveted “18 to play younger” category, playing teenagers/high school & college-aged kids (seriously, the oldest I’ve ever been on screen is ‘college’ age for Greek & Mr. Intangibles, and even then it’s… Read more »


We are a family of packrats, the Sparks,’  or rather, my mother’s side, the Cheathams.  Especially if it has a lot of sentiment, we will keep things for years in junk drawers, in boxes…we don’t really scrapbook but if we did, we’d probably have tens or hundreds of them. However, sometimes finding old things at… Read more »


There has been talk about a Squaresville Season 2 but now we can officially announce that the new season starts February 1st! The season 2 poster designed by fellow Wonderling Karen Kavett can be found for pre-order in Wonderly’s NEW store up on DFTBA! Squaresville is created by Matt Enlow and stars Kylie Sparks and… Read more »


There’s something really refreshing about buying a new calendar when a new year starts.  When you purchase your new calendar for the upcoming year, it’s usually around the time where there’s pure madness and chaos in the air after Christmas, right before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, and there’s the post-holiday depression… Read more »


I’m obsessed with Squaresville. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it hurts real bad. Esther & Zelda are Enid & Rebecca in a world with Angela Chase to guide them and the internet to keep them occupied, and I love them for it. So, because I love Squaresville, and because I also love lists, here are my Top 10… Read more »


Thesis Statement (in case you just like scrolling past my tl;dr posts, which i don’t blame you): i don’t label myself the way most people do because i’m me. i’ve been increasingly noticing that people label themselves many things (and not just society labeling each other/ourselves, trust me, i’ve been put in boxes that i’m… Read more »

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