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[Note from series creator Amanda Overton] One of the cool things that sets Kris’s iPhone Videos apart from the rest of the show is that most of the videos are actually shot by Nik Isbelle (the actress who plays Kris). To achieve this Katie (my director of photography) and I used a T3i Camera that… Read more »


We’ve been loving all of the Edge of Normal fan art that has been appearing in the last few weeks. Here are just a few of our favorites! Thank you for spreading the EoN love!


One of the best ways to learn about the screenwriting is to read scripts. Good scripts, bad scripts, scripts that have been produced, and those that will never see the light of a camera, aspiring writers can learn a little something from all of them. As a screenwriting student, I was thrilled to read Amanda… Read more »


By Amanda Overton (Series Creator) I love super hero movies, in all their mega budget, VFX splendor. It’s truly amazing how real we can make fake things look now-a-days. I knew I wanted to make a webseries about girls with super powers for years and years, but I also always knew I wouldn’t have a… Read more »


Tomorrow, August 6th, at 2pm PST Wonderly will be hosting a live tweet chat with Edge of Normal creator Amanda Overton and the band behind the music on EoN, Life Down Here! We will be talking about all things Edge of Normal and the music that has influenced the show. Be sure to follow the… Read more »


If you have been loving the brand new Wonderly series, Edge of Normal, then we have something special for you! I had the chance to sit down with Edge of Normal creator Amanda Overton and learn all about the ins-and-outs of her mind’s inner workings, and how she took the show from random thoughts on… Read more »


We are SO excited for the premiere of Edge of Normal, a new web-series about six teenage girls with secret, extraordinary powers. It’s directed by the talented Amanda Overton, an up-and-coming female creator who spent two entire years creating the show. Watch the first episode at the Edge of Normal show page and let us know your… Read more »


There has been talk about a Squaresville Season 2 but now we can officially announce that the new season starts February 1st! The season 2 poster designed by fellow Wonderling Karen Kavett can be found for pre-order in Wonderly’s NEW store up on DFTBA! Squaresville is created by Matt Enlow and stars Kylie Sparks and… Read more »


I’m obsessed with Squaresville. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it hurts real bad. Esther & Zelda are Enid & Rebecca in a world with Angela Chase to guide them and the internet to keep them occupied, and I love them for it. So, because I love Squaresville, and because I also love lists, here are my Top 10… Read more »

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