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Have you guys recovered from yesterday’s Grammy Awards yet? Today’s headlines are all about Kanye and Sam Smith and who wore what, but we wanted to take a close look at some of the female nominees from last night. Sia Nominated for four Grammys last night, Sia performed her enduring hit, Chandelier, with the… Read more »


Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing Big Hero 6 on its opening night. It was a fantastic movie and one of the best things about it was its strong female heroes, Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago. These two ladies got me thinking about other strong women in the Disney canon. I eventually decided… Read more »


This weekend, the internet exploded when an unknown hacker from the scum capital of the internet, 4chan, leaked private photos of a slew of female celebrities. Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead make up just a few of the victims, but the conversation seems to focus on Jennifer Lawrence. Thousands of douchecanoes have… Read more »


Happy Friday, friends! The final week of August has been good to us, and here are some of the awesome things the internet has to offer this week. If I Stay This movie was released last Friday, starring ChloĆ« Grace Moretz in an adaptation of a popular YA novel by Gayle Forman, ‘If I Stay’,… Read more »


What I see when I look in the mirror is a colour palette that cannot be cleansed. An amalgam of discrete tones and shades which appear either too bright, or too dull, but never the exact way I imagined them. I can trace bits of the defining swirls, yet I cannot determine their place of… Read more »


We’re big fans of Amy Poehler here at Wonderly – if the inundation of Parks and Rec gifs hadn’t told you that already. But possibly our favorite thing about the actress and BFF to the First Lady, is her determination to make women heard. The movement she founded with best friend Meredith Walker in 2008… Read more »


Even though our society has made tremendous advances during the last century by rendering almost all prejudicial treatment anachronistic, a number of taboos are yet to be obliterated. Gender discrimination prevails over reason and equitability when it comes to jobs such as scientists, astronauts, surgeons or engineers. People insist that a woman cannot cope with… Read more »


This week has saw our Wonderlings sharing photos, stories and insecurities, in the spirit of positive body image, and spurred by Aly’s #bodyconfidenceweek2014 campaign. You can check it out here and there’s still time to join in! Even if you put yourself out there by making YouTube videos and tweeting hilarious selfies, (we all do… Read more »


Over a week ago, Emily Graslie of Youtube channel The Brain Scoop, posted this video, asking where the ‘STEM Women’ of Youtube were. (source) The STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, have less women in their workplaces, less women in their classrooms, and less women on YouTube. Emily highlights this imbalance on YouTube… Read more »


On October 27th, you would have found me wrapped in a duvet reading from an old dog-eared book containing Sylvia Plath’s best poems. Perhaps you would have found a few others around the globe doing something similar, equally touched by the work of one of America’s most successful female writers, and choosing her birthday to… Read more »

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