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Mery Ponders Over: Inspiration

People say that if you look closely, you can find inspiration in everything. A broken pocket watch, forever frozen at the time of its death, which, nevertheless, lives for a hundred and twenty seconds every day. An old photograph, stained with the blood of years gone by, portraying a little girl smiling at the sun…. Read more »

Thinking of Robin Williams

Yesterday, the world lost one of its finest acting talents with the news of the death of actor, Robin Williams, aged 63 who was found dead at his home, likely to have taken his own life. Williams’ publicist and those close to him have shared that he was battling with depression, having spent time in… Read more »

Featured Fan of the Week: ChristineDoesDrama

Name: Christine Channel: ChristineDoesDrama Age: 25 Favourite Show: Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange Is The New Black, Nashville and ANTM (phew!) Favourite Movie: Her, Mad Love, Carmen Jones and Girl 6 (but please don’t watch the latter unless your over 18!) Favourite Book: A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown Quote you live by: “The best… Read more »

Wonderly July Wrap Up: Laughing at Our Own Jokes

August has arrived. A month of winding down and savoring what’s left of summer. We have a great theme for you guys this month, but first let’s take a look back at July’s LAUGH videos. The lovely Eomira is laughing within the first two seconds of this video, and it’s so infectious. The infamous Beanboozled… Read more »

Doctor Who News

Doctor Who returns to our screens on August 23rd! Is it just us or does the Christmas special feels like lightyears ago? Anyway, this week has gifted us with some long-awaited Who updates, and we’re here to curate them so you don’t miss anything. First up, today saw the reveal of the writer of the… Read more »

Movie Monday: Funny Films

Our theme this month is LAUGH, and where better to laugh than at a movie theater full of strangers who aren’t accustomed to that weird snorty-hiccup you do when something is hilarious? Let’s take a look at the comedy available to us this summer. Chef Written, directed, produced by and starring Jon Favreau, Chef is… Read more »

Mery Ponders Over: Pride Parades

There are times and places when we all feel like impostors. Walking through the halls of your new school trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you belong there. Or in the midst of a raging party wishing you were cuddled up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea, your favourite chocolate… Read more »

How To Train Your Dragon 2

We were forced to wait 4 years for a sequel to everyone’s favorite animated dragon movie, but Dreamworks delivered a sequel that certainly doesn’t disappoint. We return to Hiccup, who has exited puberty with some facial hair and an adorable girlfriend, Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera) and is still flying around on the cutest dragon… Read more »

Wonderly June Wrap-Up: Fandom

With July in full swing, we thought we’d do a wrap up of last month’s FANDOM theme. From Orange is the New Black to The Fault in Our Stars to the Game of Thrones finale, we have been spoiled for choice this month. We reminded ourselves to step back and remind ourselves why being in… Read more »

Postcards from Ecuador: Perks of the ‘Burbs

When I first heard that I’d be living in a suburb of Quito rather than the city itself, I have to admit- I was a little disappointed. I had envisioned living and working in Quito for some time, and I thought the suburbs would be a bit of a buzz kill. But the ‘burbs of… Read more »

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