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Broke Student Gift Ideas

Feeling the pressure of capitalism this December? Been avoiding Starbucks for three weeks just so you can afford to buy your mom a gift? We hear you, guys. Here’s our (almost) totally free gift guide for friends and loved ones! Wreath Witherspoon The latest internet craze, this is new enough to be still hilarious. All… Read more »

Friday Favorites: YouTube Edition

Wonderly Returns to Youtube We’ve been keeping it on the down-low, but hopefully you’ve noticed that Wonderly is back on Youtube with lots of awesome female guests uploading weekly videos for you. Tara Strong and Kristina Horner have starred in our past two videos, and this week’s is by Tessa Netting and it’s all about… Read more »

8 Places Online Every College Girl Should Have Bookmarked

Navigating life as an almost-adult can be tricky. Luckily, there are places you can connect with online to help you find your way! Here are eight lovely websites, blogs, and other online resources that every college girl should have bookmarked: 1. Intern Queen Nowadays, it seems like the only way to get a killer job… Read more »

Wonderly October Wrap-Up: Embracing Fear

Happy November! We hope you had a fantastic, fearful October. We certainly did, and we have the videos to prove it. Here is a round-up of just some of the Halloween themed videos for last month’s FEAR theme. But first, let’s thank Abigail for making a Wonderly pumpkin! First up, Abby did this amazing Mad… Read more »

Everyday Fears

The weekend is finally here and we thought we’d give you a scare with some real life, everyday fears. We hope you can sympathize. Text based communication So many fears. Texting a friend with the same as another friend with something scandalous and then wondering if you picked the wrong name. Pressing ‘send’ when you… Read more »

American Horror Story: Freak Show

It’s been 2 weeks since season 4 of American Horror Story landed on our screens, perfectly poised for the trick or treating time of year. The Freak Show episodes are set in 1952, in the small town of Jupiter, Florida, where Fräulein Elsa Mars is the manager of a dwindling Freakshow. Jessica Lange plays the… Read more »

Friday Favorites: Pop Culture Picks

Happy Friday! We have plenty of favorites from this week to keep you busy this weekend. Movie First up, the newly released short film ‘I Ship It’ produced by Yulin Kuang. Starring Mary Kate Wiles as Zoe Smallman, who decides to take down her ex-boyfriend in a battle of the bands… wizard rock style. The… Read more »

Wonderly September Wrap-Up: Certified Explorers

Happy October! This is one of our favorite months because Halloween is just around the corner, but let’s not be too hasty with forgetting September. This month’s theme was Explore, and here are some of the videos on our playlist for this month: Explore Seattle with Abby in this day in the life video! Brianna… Read more »

Be A Tourist At Home

September is slipping away from us, and we’re almost exhausted from all the exploring we’ve been doing this month, but we’re pretty sure everyone can muster up the energy to make it out into your hometowns and cities. Those of you lucky enough to live in places with a strong tourism industry probably roll your… Read more »

Explore: Traveling Light

Fearless explorers rarely have to stand in line to check in bags. Never fear, we’re here to help you fit your whole life into a weekend bag for optimum carefree adventures! Laundry Not the most glamorous thing to kick things off with, but packing less clothes and finding a laundrette means you will have lots… Read more »

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