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Taking the fortune cookie’s advice


As a young professional who has had endless amounts of ambition but not so many grand opportunities (along with millions of other recent college grads), I came to somewhat of a revelation a few months ago. I disliked my job, I wasn’t building the skills that I needed to be building, I live at home with my parents, my 18 year old cat had just died (RIP Patches), and I was just plain tired of the same-old, same-old.

But you can’t just quit your job Laura. Life doesn’t work that way.  – Mother

Don’t you hate dream-crushing advice?

I continued the thing I called life for a few months, living for the weekends, and then getting severely, and I mean SEVERELY depressed when Sunday night came. The only good thing about Sundays was The Walking Dead, and that’s exactly what I felt like Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. A zombie that had no idea what it was doing.

Then, one evening I went to PF Chang’s for dinner (because they have a fabulous gluten-free menu and I will do anything for their lettuce wraps). After I filled my body with a few glasses of wine and Asian cuisine, it was time to open the gluten-filled fortune cookie. (I don’t care that I can’t eat them; I just like to see what the Chinese God’s have to say about my life.)

And there it was, the advice that I needed. The motivation to drop the bull sh** and start doing what I love. The ‘high-five’ telling me to go for it!

Your ambitious nature will help you make a name for yourself.

Hell yeah it will!

I kept my fortune, took it home, and set it on my desk. A few days later I bought a cute little frame for it and now it sits, framed with another inspiring fortune, to continually give me the affirmation that I will succeed by doing what I love.

Since then, I’ve started a new job. I’ve been able to invest more time into my personal website. I’ve become happy! I’ve made plans to get the hell out of my parent’s house. So far, I believe 2013 will shape up to be a magical year for me.

So, the moral of this little story is that sometimes you need to take the fortune cookie’s advice. If you don’t do it now, when will you? You’re young. Be selfish. If you make yourself happy first, everything else you want will fall into place.

-Laura Hanley

Laura is a twenty-something marketing nerd that enjoys writing about everything gluten-free on her blog, She also has a thing or two to say about life in general, and is happy to join the conversation on Wonderly. 

  • Technicolor Moments

    I love the idea of framing fortunes, I’m definitely going to give that a shot.

    • G-Free Laura

      I love that you love the idea! Do it! It’s like a little thumbs-up reminder to believe in yourself.

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