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10 Weird Facts About Disneyland!

posted by Robyn Schneider

I’ve come across a lot of bizarre facts and weird trivia about Disneyland. Here are my favorites.

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  • Robert Mahoney

    You’re nuts, really nuts!

  • Elena Cristiano

    Not sure about the others, but you got the Main Street distance perspective fact dead wrong. It’s the other way around.


    I was a part-time Cast Member in the late 80s. I have NO idea what you are babbling about regarding “communal underwear.” I wore my own, as did everyone else.

  • JohnGano

    Most of your “facts” aren’t facts at all, but are made up or half truths.

    1. There is a basketball court, but it has nothing to do with a gym.
    2. There is no such thing as communal underwear.
    3. The main street thing is wrong. It is designed where the top floors are small than normal, but due to design they look like normal sized buildings.
    4. Tom Sawyer island? Yea… whatever…
    5. Yes a girl was killed at America Sings, but they found her right after the accident because guests heard her scream.
    6. The ashes thing is an urban myth.

    • metoo

      The ashes thing is far from an urban myth. I left my mom there in 2011. This was “world” as opposed to ‘land’ however.

  • Will Bueche

    Isn’t she from Glasgow or something?

  • disqus_qlIhOX2COO

    I’m not sure how she is a writer or graduated from Columbia University; however, I can very much believe that she is a Cali girl from how she speaks. Wickedly atrocious!!!

  • Steve Harris

    #10 – urban legend… but maybe true to some degree, I’ll bet.
    #9 – half-true (well, half-court) but it isn’t for tax reasons… it is for the climbers.
    #8 – half-true, she was retrieved immediately but she had already died… some say she haunts the park to this day…
    #7 – probably not true – death pronouncements usually happen in the ambulance or hospital for accidents, so of course no one has been pronounced dead AT the park, doesn’t mean they didn’t die there…
    #6 – TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!
    #5 – Apparently true for some… resolved by contract in 2001… so TRUE.
    #4 – People do that, yeah… so TRUE.
    #3 – Seems to be TRUE.
    #2 – TRUE… sort of… Main St. looks bigger than it is to make the Castle look bigger as well.
    #1 – Nope. Maybe a publicity stunt or something.

    So all in all this was 6/10 with maybe a bonus point or two… so a D grade (at least it is not an F, but even if it was, it would be an ‘F’ for “FUN”!!!! Thanks for this!)

    • Stephen Penton

      #1 – yes, it was a legal move so that if i child goes missing or is taken from Disneyland the FBI is called because of passing state lines. it was done in the 1960′s before the amber alert existed, so the only way to get federal agents involved was to have proof they crossed state lines.

  • Henry Padilla

    I was going to list all the wrong ones but I’ll do this the short way and list all the right ones: #4.
    Yep, that’s it, just that one. The rest are balloney.

  • Cody Saun Kratzer

    Wow, Robyn. You have some brutal critics on your hands. Btw, came across this video through an ad on another site! So crazy to see people I know through public advertising :D

  • Barbara Sagat-Stover

    So funny- I love your list. I don’t care if it’s “totally true”. I adore how it engenders such outrage in some! That speaks volumes about how important some folks find it to keep the mystique of Disneyland pure! And… One wonders how so many people seem to believe that they know the “real” truth! Thanks for creating a very funny fake controvercy!

    • snow white

      one wonders how you don’t know how to spell “controversy”

  • DuanePaulson

    This article needs a fiction disclaimer. As a lifelong patron of Disneyland and member of Club 55, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Robyn manages to collect many of the half-truths and rumors about the park that have been circulating for the past half century or so. The only one that’s even close to accurate is the one about the buildings on Main Street having their upper stories get smaller. It’s called forced perspective, and it’s used all over the park. Here’s a real fact for you. There are statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in a small grotto to the right of the castle as you approach it. The dwarfs and Snow White are all the same height, but forced perspective is used to make her look taller. I wonder how Robyn missed the oft-repeated legends about Walt’s head being kept in the freezer, or his ashes being buried within the park. She must not have hit Snopes. Another little-known fact is that if you’re traveling north on the 5 Freeway past Disneyland just as the sun is coming up, you can see a sphynx face hidden in the south face of the Matterhorn. The dawn sun produces the shadows that allow the sphynx to materialize.

    • Michelle Wagner

      did you mean Club 33??? hmmm…

      • DuanePaulson

        No. Club 55 is an unofficial Disneyland club. To qualify for Club 55 membership, one has to have been present within Disneyland on July 17, 1955, which was Disneyland’s opening day. The club maintains no membership rolls, and holds no meetings or events. Nevertheless, the existence of Club 55 has been acknowleged by Disneyland in their publicity materials, and in fact, Disneyland has even marketed “Club 55″ clothing within the park from time to time. Club 33, on the other hand, is the exclusive in-park dining club, with quite steep membership fees.

  • Ashleigh Moore

    Yikes! People can be so grouchy and rude! While I was watching the video I kept thinking, “I wonder where she’s from. Her accent is so cute.”

  • Dan Anderson

    As a former cast member and alumnus of Disneyland, I KNOW that #5, the underwear trivia, is completely false.

    About the cats, they do live there. It is not just about mice, but rats as their main dietary item. Around the Jungle Cruise and in the past, around the mine trains, rats were in abundance. The Fritos vending machine was even found to have been “invaded” by rats at one time. (Obviously, the vending machine was removed.)

  • diablo135

    Where did she come up with these “facts”. I worked there in college and I can say most of these are just wrong or off from the facts. For ex, I wore my own underwear and this was 1993. On top of that, my “costume” was dry cleaned every day.

  • Jay Haney

    Not quite sure why so many people are displeased about her presentation and saying she’s annoying. It’s free entertainment that they are not obligated to watch so therefore they must trash someone else for putting out material. She’s not to my taste, but she’s endearing and I trust will find her voice soon.

  • محمد ادهم الملحم المطيري

    Look where the kindness of Hanan

  • zman64

    I think she’s hot and I love her voice. Can’t you people find anything better to do trash on someone? If you don’t like the girl don’t watch her videos.

  • DadLogic

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but some of your “facts” are wrong:

    10. Yes, people do try to scatter ashes at Disneyland fairly often. It is illegal, so they will call the police if you are caught.

    9. The story of the Matterhorn including a basketball court to qualify as a gym is an urban legend. There is a half court at the top of the Matterhorn because the mountain climbers needed something to do while on break. Aside from that, there is no connection to the ride being classified as a gym.

    8. The cast member who died at America Sings wasn’t the first. People die of natural causes all the time. It just isn’t publicized.

    7. Disneyland doesn’t have secret tunnels to dump bodies onto Harbor boulevard. Really? You believed this?

    6. About 99% of the skulls in Pirates of the Caribbean are fake. The one in the headboard before the treasure room is one of the only remaining human skulls.

    5. There is no such thing as communal underwear. Disney requires employees to supply their own undergarments and shoes. They specify that shoes and socks need to be all black. The closest thing to a communal undergarment are the moccasins that the employees wear on Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes. They’re worse than wearing someone’s old bowling shoes.

    4. They had to hire someone to monitor the on ride photos due to the “flash mountain” incidents you mentioned. But they also needed to screen for people flashing gang signs and other inappropriate gestures. Over time, the need for this has lessened and they do not staff the position anymore.

    3. The feral cats were not put in place by Disney. They are actually a liability due to the potential for disease or rabies if they were to come in contact with someone. The cats do help keep the rodent population under control, so Disney will spay/neuter them if they can be caught. But they don’t officially care for the cats as they are wild animals, just like the ducks swimming in the river.

    2. The Main Street buildings were constructed using forced perspective (upper floors being at a smaller scale than the bottom floors). The street is designed to look far away when looking toward the castle (giving the appearance of a much longer street). The Main Street Train Station is built at full scale and sits on top of the berm, making the street appear much shorter when you are heading out at the end of the day.

    1. I have never heard that random bit about Tom Sawyer Island. But I can tell you that Fort Wilderness used to have a concession stand inside and Outdoor vending Carts are often available on the island. I think it is fair to say the area is part of California and not a secret part of Missouri.

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